Among the many drill pipes, what are the advantages of geological drill pipes?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-10
10-29 15:43:48 When working in some geologically hard rock layers, geological drill pipes are generally chosen. So why in the condition of electric drill pipes, geological drill pipes have stronger compressive resistance What? First of all, the drill pipe can be used in harder rock layers. One of the main reasons is that the electric drill pipe is made of special alloy steel pipes, so it has stronger compression resistance, and it is generally re-ordered now. When making, there is an anti-corrosion layer on the outside, so it can better adapt to some harsh environments. Then, yes. After the geological drill pipe is installed with the pdc drill bit and some other parts, the drill bit can be transferred downward. Generally, when the electric drill bit is transferred, there will be related tools, such as a turntable to determine the direction of the drill bit to avoid the drill Bending or dislocation occurs during the lowering process. One of the important factors in choosing to use geological drill pipes in many projects is. This kind of drill rod has a relatively strong resistance to bending, so it can also guarantee the straight-below drill bit to the greatest extent. Finally, the use of geological drill bits in engineering is generally relatively long, and the drill bit needs to be placed in the formation for a long time, so the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of this type of drill bit have greater advantages.
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