An introduction to geological drill pipes, what mines are suitable for them, and how safe are they

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-02
02-27 17:11:03 When choosing a geological drill pipe method, factors such as cost, time, environmental impact, geological electric drill pipe depth and sampling quality must be considered, especially in terms of exploration and grade control. This question will introduce the advantages, cost and safety of reverse circulation geological drill pipe, and why reverse circulation geological drill pipe is the best grade control method. 1. What is a reverse circulation geological drill pipe? A reverse circulation geological drill pipe or RC geological drill pipe is a geological electric drill pipe method that uses a double-wall drill pipe, which is composed of an external drill pipe and an internal pipe. These hollow tubes allow cuttings to flow continuously and steadily back to the ground. Unlike diamond drilling, rc drill bits are made of rock instead of core. The principle of drilling is to use a pneumatic hammer to drive a tungsten steel drill bit to crush the rock. The pneumatic reciprocating piston is repeatedly called a hammer, which drives a tungsten steel drill bit used to break hard rock. When the compressed air is blown out, the pressure movement creates a reverse cycle, allowing the debris to move up to the internal pipe. When the debris reaches the ground, the sample is reduced by connecting the hose to the cyclone, and then the sample is put into the sample bag from the bottom opening. These bags are marked with the location and depth of the collected samples and can be transported directly to the laboratory for analysis. 2. The benefits of resident coordinator drilling are reliable and pollution-free samples. 3. Geological drill pipe is most suitable for mine level. Controlling geological drill pipe is the best way to control the level of open-pit mining: the samples obtained through rc geological drill pipe will not be contaminated. The collected samples will be sent directly to the laboratory for testing without complicated pretreatment. It is an industrial asset that reduces costs and reduces the reliability of the crushed rock produced in the process of geological drill pipes. Level control is the most economical and effective way to distinguish between waste rock and ore. Due to the small area of u200bu200bthe rc drilling rig, a large amount of earthwork is not required. This means that the resident coordinator’s borehole has the least impact on the environment. 4. Safety Concerns Some rc geological drill pipes for operational safety require special attention and risk attention. The noise is loud, the sound of the drill bit hitting the rock and the compressed gas emits noise, which may cause hearing damage. Therefore, workers need to wear hearing protection devices and all other appropriate personal protective equipment. This includes not only earplugs or earplugs, but also breathing masks, safety shoes, helmets and industrial gloves. RC geological drill pipe personnel usually need at least one operator and two samplers. They may face the danger of personal loss caused by sampling, falling objects, broken trachea, or crushing or crushing of machinery.
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