Analysis of CNC milling cutters can be divided into nine categories in structure

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-23
CNC milling cutters are tools used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tools. In a broad sense, cutting tools include both cutting tools and abrasive tools; at the same time, 'numerical control tools' include not only cutting blades, but also accessories such as tool holders and tool holders. The development of cutting tools occupies an important position in the history of human progress. As early as the 28th to the 20th century BC, copper knives such as brass cones and red copper cones, drills, and knives appeared in China. In the late Warring States period, copper knives were made due to the mastery of carburizing technology. The drill bits and saws at that time have some similarities with modern flat drills and saws.   CNC milling cutters can be divided into:   1. Special types: such as compound cutters, shock-absorbing cutters, etc. according to the tool structure.  2. Welding type: Welding is used to connect the cutter head and the cutter bar.  3. Integral type: The tool is integrated, manufactured from a blank, without splitting.  4. Machine clamp type: Machine clamp type can be divided into two types: non-indexable and indexable. Normally, the CNC tool adopts the machine clamp type.   5. Cutting tools of other materials: such as cubic boron nitride cutting tools, ceramic cutting tools, etc.   6. Boring tools: milling tools, etc.   7. According to the materials used to manufacture the tools, it can be divided into: high-speed steel tools, cemented carbide tools, and diamond tools.   8. From the cutting process, it can be divided into: turning tools, including outer circle, inner hole, thread, cutting, grooving, etc.   9. Drilling tools, including drills, reamers, taps, etc.   The selection of cutting parameters of CNC milling cutter:    The choice of cutting speed mainly depends on the material of the workpiece to be processed; the choice of feed speed mainly depends on the material of the workpiece to be processed and the diameter of the end mill. The tool samples of some foreign tool manufacturers are attached with a tool cutting parameter selection table for reference. However, the selection of cutting parameters is also affected by many factors such as the machine tool, the tool system, the shape of the workpiece to be processed, and the clamping method. The cutting speed and feed rate should be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation.   When the tool life is the priority factor, the cutting speed and feed rate can be appropriately reduced; when the chip leaving the edge condition is not good, the cutting speed can be appropriately increased.  The choice of the cutting method of the CNC milling cutter:   The use of down milling is beneficial to prevent damage to the cutting edge and increase the tool life. But there are two points to pay attention to:    1. When the surface of the workpiece is left with an oxide film or other hardened layer formed by the casting or forging process, it is advisable to adopt up-cut milling.   2. If ordinary machine tools are used for processing, try to eliminate the gap of the feed mechanism;
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