Analyze the application fields and advantages of ball end milling cutters

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-17
Ball-end milling cutters are widely used in automobile engines, gearboxes and their parts manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing, mold manufacturing, motorcycle engines, diesel engines, carburetor, shock absorber manufacturing, precision electronic parts, aluminum alloys with low rigidity and thinness In the free-form surface processing of wall structural parts, due to the small thickness of aluminum alloy thin-walled structural parts, problems such as spring knife, overcutting, machining deformation, etc. often occur during the machining process, which affect the machining accuracy. At present, the common solutions to such problems include reducing feed to reduce deformation, online processing compensation, low melting point alloy filling method, and the use of dual-spindle machine tools. However, small and medium-sized enterprises are limited by processing conditions, and it is difficult to realize the latter three methods. Generally, conservative milling amount is used to ensure machining accuracy, so a reasonable choice of milling amount can solve the problem of machining efficiency and machining accuracy conveniently and at low cost. The ball-end milling cutter has extremely high precision and sharp edge, which can make the processing surface very smooth, without lines, and long service life.   Ball-end milling cutter is a tool with a blade similar to a ball-end that is assembled on a milling machine for milling various curved surfaces and arc grooves. Ball end mills are also called R cutters. Ball-end milling cutters are tools that are similar to ball-end blades and are assembled on a milling machine for milling various curved surfaces and arc grooves. It can mill die steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and general iron. It belongs to end mills. Ball end mills can work normally in high temperature environments.  The advantages of ball end milling cutter   1. Adopt coating and nano-grade tungsten steel raw materials.  2. The short edge design is suitable for high-speed milling; dry cutting can also be achieved.  3. The milling cutter is used for processing high-hardness materials, and the hardness of the processed workpiece is HRC50~55 degrees.  4. During milling, since the ball edge is an S-shaped cutting edge, the cutting-in and cutting-out process is relatively stable.   5. Fast speed, high efficiency, smooth cutting, high precision, impact resistance, good finish and long life. 6. The ball blade is an S-shaped arc blade, there is no sharp corner part on the blade, and there will be no local concentrated wear, and the tool durability is high;    7. The small diameter ball head and small diameter flat head shape milling cutter adopts a sharp rounded corner design, and a small diameter ball The head milling cutter can reduce chipping and increase the service life of the tool. 8. The ball edge of the ball nose milling cutter passes through the milling cutter axis, which can be used for axial feed or lateral feed. It can easily process the mold cavity surface and other complex curved surfaces;   9.S edge The blade inclination angle of each point is different. Due to the blade inclination angle, the chips can be smoothly discharged along the outer edge of the cutting edge direction, which can effectively prevent the chips from sticking to the blade and avoid damage to the blade.
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