At which level can pdc drill bits be used?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-09
04-15 10:08:29 In the past, the use range of pdc drills was limited to soft rock formations. The main reason was that the structure and material of the pdc drills could not have stronger impact force. Therefore, once used in hard rock Not only can it not achieve better results in the rock formation, but it may also cause certain damage to the drill bit. However, some of the newly developed pdc drill bits have better use effects. Compared with the previous drill bit products, they can be operated. The scope of the electric drill has changed, and the current drill products can effectively work in hard rock formations. The material of the drill bit changes, so the drill bit can have a longer life during use, because if some drill bits can not better resist the corrosion of the rock layer, then the use effect of the drill bit will increase over time However, the change has caused the drill bit to be unable to achieve better results after a period of use. Therefore, the pdc electric drill bit that can be purchased now has a stronger anti-corrosion effect. After the product is used for a period of time, it will not affect Its efficacy.
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