Benefits when using PDC bits for drilling

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-09
02-13 10:47:11 Many factors must be considered when choosing a electric drill pipe, especially in terms of exploration and grade control, such as cost, time, environmental impact, drilling depth and sample quality. This issue will introduce you to reverse circulation drilling, its advantages, cost and safety, and why it is the best grade control method. 1. What is reverse circulation drill pipe drilling. Reverse circulation electric drill pipe or PDC drill bit is a drilling method that uses double wall drill pipe, which consists of an outer electric drill pipe and an inner pipe. These hollow inner tubes allow cuttings to flow continuously and steadily back to the ground. Unlike diamond drilling, RC drilling obtains samples of cuttings, not cores. The principle of drilling is to use a pneumatic hammer to drive a tungsten steel drill bit to break the rock formation. Pneumatic reciprocating pistons repeatedly called hammers, which in turn drive tungsten steel drill bits, which are used to break hard rock. When the compressed air is blown out, the pressure deviation will produce a reverse circulation, so that the cuttings will enter the inner tube upward. When the cuttings reach the ground, they are connected to the cyclone through a hose for sample reduction, and then the sample falls into the sample bag from the bottom opening. These sample bags are marked with the location and depth of the collected samples and can be transported directly to the laboratory for analysis. 2. The benefits of pdc drill bit drilling (1) Reliable and pollution-free sample cuttings enter the sample collector through the inner pipe of the drill pipe, and will not touch other areas, thus avoiding cross-contamination and obtaining high-quality and reliable samples. The samples are easy to classify and track, have exact locations and depths, and can be accurately determined as mineralization locations. (2) Fast drilling speed RC drill pipe can drill 200-300m per day, RC drilling can obtain drilling results faster and spend less time. (3) The site requires a low RC bit. No water is required during the drilling process, which is suitable for drilling in water-deficient areas. (4) Low cost Compared with diamond drills, PDC drills can reduce by up to 40% compared with diamond drills. Take Australia as an example, the cost per meter is around RMB 250-300. *In Australia, drilling contracts are not settled directly according to the footage. The drilling company will include entry and exit fees, consumables costs, vehicle wear and tear costs, etc. into the drilling bill. 3. PDC drill bit is most suitable for mine grade control. PDC drill bit is the best method for grade control in open-pit mining: the samples obtained by PDC drill bit will not be contaminated. The collected samples will be sent directly to the laboratory for testing without complicated pre-processing. Treatment; Can reduce costs and shorten the mining process time. The reliability of the cuttings generated during RC drilling is an industrial asset. RC level control is the most economical and effective way to distinguish waste rock and minerals. Because the drill rig of the PDC bit has a small footprint, there is no need to carry out a lot of earthwork. This means that RC drilling has the least impact on the environment. 4. Safety precautions PDC drill bits have some operational safety items that require special attention, and the risks should be paid attention to. The noise is loud, and the sound of the drill bit hammering the rock and the sound of the compressed gas spraying makes the noise loud, which may cause hearing loss. Therefore workers need to wear hearing protection and all other appropriate personal protective equipment. This includes not only earplugs or earmuffs, but also breathing masks, safety shoes, hard hats and industrial gloves. PDC drill personnel configuration generally requires at least one operator and two sampling workers. They may be exposed to strains when handling samples, falling objects, personal injuries caused by broken compressed gas hoses or machines. Of crushing or crushing.
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