Causes of abnormal wear caused by cemented carbide drill maintenance

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-27
12-08 11:24:55    Carbide drill bit maintenance method    1. Working in different rock formations, choose different types of drill bits, axial pressure and speed according to the hardness of the lithology.  2. When drilling rig piercing operations, geological drill pipe operations must be carried out in accordance with the principle of matching the three elements of piercing (wind pressure, axial pressure, and rotation speed) with the parameters recommended by the drill bit sample.  3. Please check the appearance of each part of the drill bit before going down the well to verify whether the end face of the drill bit thread is consistent with the factory number on the drill bit packing box and certificate; whether there is a cutting-edge trademark mark on the surface of the drill bit tooth palm to prevent counterfeiting.  4. The electric drill bit should be reasonably stored on the drill to prevent dust and other debris from entering the triangular drill rod into the drill bit.  5. When replacing the drill bit, make sure that there is no dust inside the electric drill tool, the air outlet is unobstructed, the threaded oil is applied, and the drill bit can be used after connecting the electric drill bit by lifting and rotating coordination.   6. Before replacing a new drill bit, carefully check whether the thread and teeth are intact.  7. When drilling the grooved drill pipe with a new drill bit, it should be used with low axial pressure and low speed for 20-30 minutes, and then gradually increase to normal axial pressure.  There are three main reasons for the abnormal wear of diamond drill bits:   1. Rock properties: rock formations are hard, brittle, broken or uneven, cracks and cavities are objective conditions that cause frequent wear of non-positive diamond bits. If the performance of the selected bit is not suitable for these conditions, abnormal wear will occur. 2. bit quality: Poor quality of the drill bit, such as the diamond package is not firm, the matrix hardness is not suitable for rock hardness and abrasiveness, the diamond distribution is uneven and the quantity is insufficient, the gauge reinforcement does not meet the requirements of the PDC bit, and the nozzle flume is too small , Steel body deformation, unsatisfactory machining, etc. 3. Drilling technology and operating reasons: Drilling technology and operating reasons: not strictly abide by the operating procedures, drilling technical parameters are unreasonable, not strictly implementing measures and regulations to protect the drill bit, etc., are the supervisors that cause the abnormal wear of the drill bit the reason.  
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