Checks to be done before drilling with roller bit

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-05
The inspection drilling work that needs to be done before drilling with roller bit is a work that needs to be done carefully. A little mistake may cause the efficiency of the entire construction to drop and the quality of the whole construction is not guaranteed, so there are a lot of preparations to be done before. , Don’t be too troublesome, many accidents are caused by careless little details. Today, I will introduce some things to check before drilling the cone bit into the well. First of all, different geological requirements require different drill bits. It is necessary to check the model and diameter of the drill bit; for the drill bit itself, check whether the welding and teeth of the electric drill bit are intact, as well as the firmness of the nozzle, the smoothness of the water eye, and the bearing. Special attention should be paid to the inspection of these aspects of tightness, because this is the preparatory work before; also, when drilling down, the speed should be slower, so as to avoid the hard formation to damage the alloy teeth, and sometimes it will be encountered When scoring, you need to write down some things at this time, including the depth of the well, the specific circumstances and time of the scoring, which will help to help repair; Finally, the thread of the roller cone bit needs to be coated to ensure that it is clean. Deduct the oil to ensure its smoothness. If the inspection work before entering the well is completed, the efficiency and quality of the entire construction will be very good, and the safety of personnel will also be guaranteed.
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