CNC milling cutter adopts hobbing method to reduce vibration

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-26
The CNC milling cutter can adopt the hobbing method, and the feed speed and cutting speed can be reduced in the case of hob workpieces. This means that the cutter must rotate clockwise to ensure that the milling process proceeds. This kind of chip is formed from thick to thin, which can reduce vibration and affect the tensile stress of the tool, and cut more heat to the chip. By changing the tool for each cutting workpiece, the tool life is extended by 1-2 times. In order to realize the feed mode, the radius of the tool path programming should use 1/2 of the tool diameter and increase the distance from the tool to the workpiece offset.   CNC milling cutter hobbing method is mainly used to improve the cutting workpiece, but the other stages of processing and principles are the same and can be applied to milling. For face milling, the common programming mode for large areas is to machine the length of a continuous tool along the workpiece and complete the next cut in the opposite direction to the radial direction. To maintain a constant depth and eliminate vibration, it is usually better to use a combination of cutting knives and helix angle milling.  The different structures of CNC milling cutters can be divided into:   1. Integral type: the cutter and the tool holder are made into one.  2. Inlaid type: can be divided into welding type and machine clamp type.  3. Vibration reduction type When the working arm length and diameter of the tool are relatively large, in order to reduce the vibration of the tool and improve the machining accuracy, this type of tool is often used.  4. Inner cooling type: The cutting fluid is sprayed to the cutting edge of the tool from the nozzle through the inside of the tool body.   5. Special types: such as compound cutters, reversible tapping cutters, etc.  The main design function of the entering angle of the CNC milling cutter:   1, it controls the balance between the radial and axial feed forces. As the lead angle decreases, the radial force decreases and the axial force increases.  2. It will affect the debris and burrs of the workpiece on the exit side of the tool rotation. When the feed force exceeds the strength of the material, chips or burrs occur.   3. It affects the surface engagement between the blade and the workpiece. The low entering angle leaves a very small surface gap, which creates a large area joint. When comparing similar cutting depths, a high lead angle will have a smaller overall contact area.   4. It provides effective chip refinement. As the lead angle decreases, the chip thickness also decreases, which usually requires a higher overall feed rate.  5. The entering angle of the CNC milling cutter protects the nose of the insert by moving the contact point away from the fragile part of the insert.
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