CNC milling cutter saw blade maintenance and tooth number selection

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-26
CNC milling cutter is the main tool for mold processing, and its processing volume accounts for about 80%-90% of the total mold cutting processing, which has become the focus of mold processing tool development. In the process of milling machine processing with CNC milling cutters, the correct selection of the number of teeth of the milling cutter is very important in order to maximize the processing efficiency. For example, a sparse tooth milling cutter with a diameter of 100 mm has only 6 teeth, while a close tooth milling cutter with a diameter of 100 mm can have 8 teeth. Whether the teeth are dense or not will affect the production efficiency and product quality. If the cutter teeth are dense, the production efficiency will be improved and the quality of the processed workpiece will be better. However, the dense cutter teeth will also cause inconvenience in chip discharge. According to the diameter of the tooth, it can be divided into sparse tooth, fine tooth and dense tooth. The number of teeth of the saw blade must be selected so that the chips are properly curled and easily leave the cutting area. Improper chip holding space will result in chip retention, damage to the blade and possibly damage to the workpiece. At the same time, the saw blade should have sufficient density to ensure that no less than one blade is cutting at any time during cutting. If this is not guaranteed, it will cause severe impact, which will cause the blade to break, the tool to damage and Serious consequences such as overload of the machine tool. With the advancement of numerical control technology and the general improvement of automation, the production and application of machining center machine tools, numerical control lathes, and numerical control milling machines are becoming more and more extensive, and the demand for high-precision, high-speed CNC milling cutters is also increasing. Three-face milling cutter is one of the more popular ones, and its saw blades are also diverse. The following editor will briefly introduce some related basic knowledge and matters needing attention in use: Basic knowledge of three-face milling cutter saw blade Point: Tooth type: no teeth, coarse teeth, medium teeth, fine teeth. Tooth shape: pointed teeth, arc teeth, tooth opening methods: milling teeth, grinding teeth, full grinding surface coating: natural color, titanium coating, Nitride coating, colorful coating. Uses: Mainly used for processing or cutting narrow and deep grooves of iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials below medium-hardness. It can also be used for milling of plastics, wood and other non-metals. Superhard material saw blade milling cutter, carbide saw blade is mainly used for milling processing of difficult-to-cut materials (heat-resistant steel, stainless steel and other high-strength steel). High-speed steel circular saw blades are suitable for cutting: iron pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, angle steel, stainless steel and other materials. Fine teeth are generally used for processing steel and cast iron, and for processing shallower grooves or cutting; the number of teeth is less, thicker milling cutters are generally used for processing aluminum, copper and other heavy metals, and for processing deeper grooves or Cutting. High-speed steel round knives can be used to cut cloth, plastic, rubber, and various paper products, as well as meat and bones. The following items must be paid attention to when using the three-face milling cutter blade: 1) It must be ensured that the material to be cut has been firmly fixed. 2) The cutting conditions should be set according to the material to be cut. 3) When installing the saw blade, the scraps of the clamp part must be cleaned, and then pay attention to the direction of rotation to secure the saw blade. 4) When starting and stopping cutting, do not feed the tool too fast, otherwise it may cause tooth breakage and damage. 5) Make full use of cutting oil. (I hope to choose cutting oil to match the material to be cut)
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