Common classifications of PDC bits and cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-19
China Bit Trading Network] Bit Common Knowledge PDC bit is actually an abbreviation for polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit (a commonly used drilling tool in the oil drilling industry). In the mining industry, drill bits are essential equipment. What are the common classifications and precautions for this type of drill? According to the classification of the bit body material, it can be divided into: 1. Car body PDC drill bit Car body type diamond composite material (PDC) drill is a cutting type drill in which the diamond composite material is welded to the drill bit base body by brazing. The base drill bit is sintered with tungsten carbide powder, then brazed on the tungsten carbide base with an artificial polycrystalline diamond composite sheet, and ground with natural diamond. 2. Steel PDC drill bits PDC steel drill bits are formed by machining nickel, chromium and molybdenum alloys. After the heat treatment, a hole is drilled in the bit body, and then the solid synthetic polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is pressed into the bit body (close fit), and the diameter is measured using cylindrical tungsten carbide. In addition, according to the applicable industry classification pdc drill bit steel body, it can be divided into composite slice drill bits for geological exploration, composite slice drill bits for coal field drilling and composite slice electric drill bits for petroleum exploration. All kinds of drill bits produced by our Huamei. It is widely used in mining, coal mining and oil mining industries. But this kind of drill bit will also encounter some problems when it is used. Huamei professionals will list some precautions for you when using the electric drill. a. When connecting and removing it, be careful not to damage its gears. b. The curious drilling speed must be controlled to prevent sudden obstacles, which cannot achieve better results. c. Make sure that the water on both pumps is intact. d. It is necessary to keep the mud clean frequently to prevent clogging of the water eye, thus affecting its use. e. Make sure that the bottom of the hole is clean and there are no falling objects. When starting and drilling, please install mud scrapers or cover the wellhead with steel plates. Always check jaw safety pins and wellhead tools. Prevent objects from falling to the well head. f. When there are la-foot drills and jump drills, the drilling parameters must be changed immediately. gPay attention to the drill bit to prevent slipping and sudden drilling. h. When it reaches the bottom, it needs to circulate for about ten minutes, drill 0.5 meters with 1-2 tons, and then slowly pressurize to 6-8 tons. When it is necessary to send the drill bit, the pdc drill bit steel body is very average to prevent the drill bit from deflating and damaging the teeth. The weight of the drill bit should usually not exceed 10 tons. When encountering a drill, you must analyze it slowly. If the cause is the interlayer, patience is required and WOB cannot be increased blindly. The above information is provided by China Drilling Trading Network (). China Bit Trading Network provides drill bit online transaction ordering, drill bit wholesale prices, petroleum drill bits, PDC drill bits, drill bits, twist drill bits, drill bit supply prices and purchase prices for national drill bit manufacturers!
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