Compared with other drill pipe products, what are the characteristics of grooved drill pipe?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-27
11-26 15:13:50 It is not accurate for us to directly use drill pipe as a drilling tool, because drill pipe is only a part of drilling tools, and also includes electric drill bits and other related parts, so if we want to ensure that we use The drilling attack has higher quality, not only to choose a high-quality drill rod, but also to compare other parts such as drill bits. Grooved drill pipe is a unique style of product. If this style of drill pipe is used in drilling tools, the main advantage should be its strong anti-friction ability. During the drilling work, the drilling tool will be subjected to various pressures, not only the downward resistance, but also the friction from the surroundings. If you want to better overcome this part of the friction, choose He Chao The effect of the drill pipe is the best, because the external structure of the grooved drill pipe is mainly spiral grinding of the smooth drill pipe, so that after the drill pipe is installed in the drilling tool, it can be maximized Overcoming a certain frictional force has more advantages in this respect than smooth drilling tools or some other types of electric drill pipes. The ability to complete drilling more quickly, for many other products, can save more money and can be more efficient.
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