Cone bit and tooth structure

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-02
As we all know, the cone bit is inseparable from the drilling work, and the cone bit plays an important role in cutting the rock. The performance of a electric drill bit determines the effectiveness and level of drilling work. In the past ten years, with the rapid development of scientific research results and manufacturing technology, roller cone bits and tri-cone bits have achieved considerable development. The main structure of the    tri-cone bit is composed of cones, tooth palms, bearings, locking elements, auxiliary sealed oil storage devices, nozzles, etc. We can see from the structure in the figure that the cones and palms play a pioneering role in the drilling work. Speaking of its development history, it also mainly lies in the number, rows, and structure of its cones. With the continuous improvement of the texture, etc., through the development of wedge-shaped teeth, spoon-shaped teeth, partial top spoon-shaped teeth, etc., wear teeth and so on.  Intuitively, the three tooth palms are closely attached to each other and are combined with the electric drill through the connecting thread. The tooth palms are equipped with water channels to adjust the pressure. The upper journals need high strength and wear resistance.   cone: plays a central role. (1) The cone cutting structure is the most important feature of a cone bit. After continuous scientific research, there are now many different cone structures, such as spoon, pointed oval, cone, wedge, Wedge shape, flat head shape, cone spoon shape, partial top spoon shape. (2) The teeth on the cones are generally divided into two modes: inlaid teeth and steel teeth. Nowadays, cemented carbide teeth are mostly used, their hardness and wear resistance are higher than steel teeth, and of course the price is more expensive.
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