Correlation between bit wear and rock drillability

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-21
12-27 10:39:54 Rock drillability indicates how difficult it is to drill into the rock. The existing rock drillability methods include pressure hardness method, point loading method, cutting rate method, longitudinal wave velocity method, synthetic method and so on. The drill bit is reasonable and scientific. The wear of the electric drill bit includes the wear of the electric drill bit and the wear of the drill bit. Therefore, the drillability of the drill bit (A value) and the bit body (B value) of the diamond in the rock-inlaid drill bit is reasonable and scientific. How to accurately measure the grinding performance (a value) and grinding ability (b value) of the rock against the diamond body is a difficult problem. There are two measurement methods in the rock classification method. The first is the mechanical property index method, which mainly includes the indentation hardness method and the point loading method. The advantage of the mechanical performance index method is that its measurement method is standardized, that is, the measurement method is unchanged after each measurement, but the disadvantage is that its simulation is poor. Simple mechanical properties cannot reflect the complex process of rock drilling and rock breaking. The second is the simulation method, which mainly includes the micro-drilling method and the slotting method. The advantage of the simulation method is that it reflects the rock fragmentation process, but it is used as a measurement standard for evaluating rock drillability. In the measurement process, the performance of the small drill bit will change due to its own wear, that is, the measurement result is very error because the standard itself is not a standard.
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