Do a good job in the maintenance of the saw blade and milling cutter can always meet the technical requirements

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-18
After the saw blade milling cutter is used, the tooth edge part will become unsharp or broken. The company also provides saw blade milling cutter grinding services. You can use the corresponding saw blade grinder to repeatedly sharpen the teeth. The saw blade milling cutter has the same processing effect as the new saw blade milling cutter, which can improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Technical requirements for saw blade milling cutter: 1. There should be no cracks on the surface of the milling cutter, the cutting edge should be sharp, no chipping, blunt edges, annealing and other shortcomings that affect its performance.   2. The surface roughness of the milling cutter should not be greater than the standard.  3. The saw blade milling cutter is made of W6Mo5Cr4V2 or high-speed steel with equivalent performance, cemented carbide and other materials. Saw blade milling cutter use: Mainly used for processing or cutting narrow and deep grooves of iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials below medium-hardness. It can also be used for milling of plastics, wood and other non-metals. Superhard material saw blade milling cutter, carbide saw blade is mainly used for milling processing of difficult-to-cut materials (heat-resistant steel, stainless steel and other high-strength steel). Saw blade milling cutters should pay attention to the use of the analysis as follows: Saw blade milling cutter is suitable for making ordinary steel, titanium alloy, cupronickel, non-ferrous metals, light metal turning and milling, suitable for general needle machines, textile machinery, glasses cutters and commutators Processing of other products. Saw blade milling cutter is a super (sub)fine grain alloy, which has high high temperature hardness, good thermal conductivity, sharp edge, good impact resistance and thermal vibration resistance. It is suitable for making high-temperature alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, light metal turning, milling, drilling, hobbing and other processing tools. It can also be used to make high-performance woodworking tools. The material of the saw blade milling cutter is a fine-grained alloy with good red hardness, good thermal conductivity and impact resistance. The saw blade milling cutter has high high temperature hardness, sharp edge, good impact resistance and thermal vibration resistance. It is suitable for turning and milling of high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, non-ferrous metals and light metals. It is suitable for processing glasses cutters and commutators.
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