Do PDC drill bits have higher accuracy?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-19
05-26 11:13:19 When many people buy electric drill products, the more relevant factors they consider should be whether the drill has stronger compression resistance, whether it can work in a harder rock layer, whether Being able to work in a more corrosive environment, as long as you meet more customers' needs in this area, you can get a good sales volume. Can PDC drill bits meet this demand? When we buy PDC drill products, what other factors should we consider? After we have ensured that the PDC drill bit can be used in some harsh environments, we also need to consider whether the drill bit product can ensure the accuracy of the entire work flow during the use process, that is, the general drill bit needs to be performed in a straight line during operation. If the drill bit product cannot meet the restrictions in this respect during operation, even if it has strong compression resistance and strong corrosion resistance, it cannot really meet the needs of customers. PDC electric drill bits have stronger The orientation of the company also attracted more customers.
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