Geological drill pipe cleaning allows companies to achieve the goal of reducing costs and risks

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-03
01-27 11:02:58 Coretrax has launched the geological drill pipe cleaning tool CX-Ball, which does not require expensive equipment or dangerous manual operations. It has sold more than 2,000 sets at present. It is a developer in the most recent operation. Saved more than 11 days of work time, while achieving the purpose of reducing costs and risks. The operation results show that compared with traditional technology, each ball saves 8 minutes on average. Since the product was launched, it has saved a lot of operation time for developers and realized operation cost savings. In an oil field in the North Sea, it was used to abandon 74 old wells, saving a total of 57.6 hours of operation time. John Fraser, Coretrax's global business development director, said: 'CX-Ball perfectly interprets the concept of marginal revenue improvement. The tool is simple to use, easy to deploy quickly, and shortens the time that operators are exposed to hazardous areas. Although the tool does not save a lot of money. Time, but through multiple applications, it can save a lot of money and operating time, and ensure safety.' After cementing operations, foam pigging balls are often used to remove cement, liquid or debris that may remain in the pipe. However, it is challenging to fit large foam balls into tool joints with limited inner diameters. In addition, expensive equipment may be used, which may bring safety risks associated with manual operation and machinery. Unlike similar products in the current oil and gas market, CX-Ball is wrapped with soluble materials, which temporarily limits the shape of the ball. This allows the launch tube to be easily and accurately deployed directly into the geological drill pipe. When the CX-Ball comes into contact with water, the ball will expand and return to its original shape. Thanks to its high stretch ratio, when the foam ball is pumped into the well, it can pass the small diameter limit smoothly without being damaged. 01. After CX-Ball technology cementing operations, residual cement, drilling fluid or debris are often found in geological drill pipes or tubing. In future cementing operations, there may be a risk of contaminating the cement slurry. In addition, if it remains in the inner diameter of the geological drill pipe, it may cause corrosion and permanent damage to the geological drill pipe. Developers usually use foam cleaning balls to clean the inner diameter of geological drill pipes or pipe strings, but it is a difficult and time-consuming task to fill large-size foam cleaning balls into geological drill pipes at the wellhead. Coretrax's CX-Ball is a simple solution that installs the launcher at sea, can be pre-loaded, and can then be put into use. To launch the CX-Ball, simply remove the cover, place the launcher in the box connected by the geological electric drill pipe, compress the plunger, and then release the ball. The standard Coretrax foam cleaning balls are made of natural rubber and have a high stretch ratio, allowing them to pass through the small diameter limit completely. The balls are compressed before being loaded into the recyclable launcher and wrapped in a soluble film. After one minute of deployment, the film will dissolve, expanding the foam cleaning ball to its original volume, which can effectively wipe the inner diameter when pumped down to the geological drill pipe. Compared with conventional foam cleaning balls, CX-Ball significantly shortens the time required for loading, saving more than 10 minutes per application. At the same time, it also reduces the exposure of operators to oil-based mud or other harmful drilling fluids in geological drill pipes. risk. Technical Highlights 1. Easy to deploy and use; 2. Reduce the risk of operators being exposed to harmful drilling fluids; 3. Shorten the time that operators are exposed to hazardous areas; 4. Save time: So far, CORETRAX has sold 832 sets of CX- Ball, each ball saves an average of 8 minutes, which saves the operator 111 hours of work time.
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