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by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-03
11-10 12:13:34 Since its establishment, Machinery has been involved in providing product support for oil and gas drilling companies, including address drill pipes and diamond drill bits. We know the complexity of this work, and our team has extensive experience in providing new triangular drill pipes, PDC drill bits and other equipment for almost all parts of the drilling rig. In addition, the machinery also specializes in providing technical support for geological drill pipe products and other drilling tool products. The above-mentioned PDC drill bit is a drill rod attachment tool joint. rod is composed of drill string and all other connected components, including Kelly electric drill, submarine drill bit, drill collar, heavy hammer, drill rod, stabilizer, shock absorber, reamer and any other commonly used or part-time during drilling Equipment operation in the well. Tubular Product Standards In today's global petroleum industry, the vast majority of tubular products are manufactured in accordance with specifications developed and approved by the American Petroleum Institute. These specifications cover the mechanical properties of steel, manufacturing details and physical dimensions of the pipe. The latter includes inner diameter and outer diameter, wall thickness and up rough size of each nominal size, weight and grade, as well as the type of tool joint, outer diameter and inner diameter and length. API specifications 5 and 7 cover pipes and drill strings. High-strength drill pipe-due to deeper drilling and higher stress levels, a stronger drill pipe than E-75 has been developed. The grade and minimum tensile yield strength are: drill pipe grade minimum tensile yield strength X-9595,000G-105105,000S-135135,000V-150 *150,000* V-150 is not a standard API grade, but is listed as S-135 The next higher level after that. High-strength drill pipes require heavier and longer set forging than those used in E-75 grades. The tool joints on high-strength drill pipes are designed to fit the same elevators used in E-75 class components. Grade symbol E-75ËX-95XG-105GS-135 small V150V PIN code-based example mark 1 2345Z Z670ñË1-Company Symbol ZZ Company (only fictitious as an example. Symbols of various tool joint manufacturers are on page 8, section 1 In the chart below.) Geological drill pipe manufacturers may be dissatisfied with their drill pipes and heat-treat them, or they may perform this operation according to their own specifications. The symbol assigned by the mill should be used on each drill string assembly. Pipe processors can buy 'green' pipes and thicken and heat-treat them according to their specifications. In this case, the symbol assigned by the processor should be used on each component of the drill pipe bit.
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