How can geological drill pipes be efficiently produced and utilized?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-04
03-31 14:04:12 First of all, when using geological drill pipes, you need to match diamond drill bits or PDC drill bits. However, it is more important to pay attention to regular maintenance during use. The surface should be treated with rust and dust. Otherwise, normal use will be affected due to severe rust. In addition, when using geological drill pipes, it is also necessary to ensure that the model of technical parameters and the selected drill pipe are completely consistent. If there is any non-conformity, it will affect normal use, increase wear and tear, shorten the life of use, and often malfunction or even function. In some special environments, it may also have unnecessary effects. Secondly, the geological electric drill pipe has excellent applicability. After the new upgrade and transformation, it can effectively change the work intensity of the construction personnel. At the same time, it also has the guarantee of the overall hardness, which can ensure the professional ability during the operation. A unique structure can effectively improve the torsion strength, and the application of softness will be fully considered, so the diameter of the introduced pipe is different. It can double the effect after matching with diamond drill or PDC drill. Finally, geological drill pipes are made of high-quality alloy steel pipes, so they can effectively improve the strength of fatigue resistance after vacuum treatment, and they also have the strength of shear resistance. The quality is excellent and can effectively reduce the phenomenon of wear. In the development process, the friction welding process is mainly selected, which can effectively ensure a requirement for straightness, so no matter what environment it is used in, it has a strong anti-fatigue effect and can effectively extend the use time. This is an advanced CNC machining equipment with stable quality and relatively high production efficiency.
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