How much do you know about the degree of wear of the saw blade milling cutter? Do you know how to reduce the wear?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-18
Saw blade milling cutters will more or less encounter problems such as damage or wear during use, but sometimes it is inevitable. However, we can minimize the wear of the saw blade milling cutter. The following editor introduces how to reduce the wear of the saw blade and milling cutter.   Saw blade milling cutter is closely related to the wear resistance of the cutting tool. The wear resistance of the saw blade milling cutter is good, and the service life of the tool is also high. The material of the tool generally pursues high-hardness tungsten steel saw blade milling cutter. Why is the hardness of the saw blade milling cutter higher than that of the machined part? It is because the performance of the workpiece material is improving day by day. The general concept is: the hardness of the tool must be higher than the hardness of the workpiece, otherwise the cutting will not move. High-hardness tungsten steel milling cutters are particularly suitable for processing carbon steel, hard steel, pre-hardened and tempered steel, stainless steel, copper, quenching and heat treatment, etc. When milling nickel-based alloys, heat is an important factor affecting the life of saw blade milling cutters, because even good carbide tools will be destroyed by excessive cutting heat. The extremely high cutting heat is not only a problem encountered in milling nickel alloys. Therefore, when milling these alloys, the heat needs to be controlled. In addition, it is also very important to understand the value of heat generated when using various forms of tool processing.   Before the start of processing, the idea to strengthen the rigidity of the fixture will bring benefits to the long-term production in the future. It not only prolongs the life of the tool, but also improves the surface quality of the workpiece and reduces the machining error. Similarly, improper selection of tool holders will shorten tool life. For example, if an end mill with a diameter of 3.175mm is installed in the tool holder of the milling cutter, the clearance between the tool and the tool holder is shifted to one side due to the action of the tightening screw. The increase in radial runout during operation causes the uneven cutting load of each tooth of the milling cutter. This cutting state is very unfavorable to the tool, especially when milling nickel-based alloys. Through the use of tool holders with improved tool clamping eccentricity, such as hydraulic chucks and hot mounting chucks, the cutting action can be more balanced and smoother, reducing tool wear and improving surface quality. One principle should be followed when choosing a tool holder, that is, the tool holder should be as short as possible. These clamping requirements for tools and workpieces are applicable to milling any material, and when milling nickel-based alloys, it is necessary to use advanced machining experience as much as possible.   Saw blade milling cutter multi-tool damage is also related to other factors, different fixtures and tool holders may shorten the tool life. When the clamped workpiece has insufficient rigidity and movement occurs during cutting, it may cause the fracture of the cemented carbide matrix. Sometimes a small crack is formed along the cutting edge, and sometimes a piece of the cemented carbide insert is broken and the cutting cannot be continued. Of course, this chipping may also be due to the hard alloy being too hard or the cutting load being too large. At this time, consider the use of high-speed steel tools for processing to reduce the occurrence of edge chipping. Of course, high-speed steel tools cannot withstand higher heat like hard alloys. What materials should be used must be weighed and determined according to specific circumstances.
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