How much do you know about the manufacturing process of diamond drill bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-22
12-30 14:38:51 The electroplated diamond electric drill is made of a layer containing diamond abrasives on the surface of the drill through electroplating. Electroplated diamond drill bits are widely used in drilling hard and brittle materials such as engineering ceramics, gemstones, agate, and glass. Hard and brittle materials have the characteristics of high hardness and high brittleness, and are easy to break and collapse under the action of impact and dynamic load. At the same time, the electroplated diamond drill bit can transform the cutting edge of the material into a grinding effect on the material, which has obvious advantages for the processing of hard and brittle materials. Generally speaking, electroplated diamond pretreatment, impact sanding, bright nickel plating process, water washing heat treatment. Mechanical technology and others used the nickel-cobalt alloy coating method to deposit one or more layers of diamond abrasive tools on the surface of the gypsum electric drill bit. The diamond bit is made of electroplated diamond (Fig. 1, Fig. 2), which is the shape of the diamond optimized bit. Using 150 diamonds, plating solution 45C, pH4.5, embedding time 0.5h, current density 0.5a/dm2, thickening time 2.5h, current density 1.5a/dm2. The diamond electric drill bit obtained by this method is used for drilling hard and brittle materials such as glass, agate and ceramics.
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