How much does it cost to use geological drill pipe?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-11
06-23 11:23:48 Nowadays, professional equipment is always needed in various construction industries to improve work efficiency and reduce problems in the work process. Geological drill pipes appear in everyone’s sight. It is a piece of equipment made of aluminum alloy. After high-pressure treatment, it has very good strength and can also bring stronger bending resistance, but many people don't know how much geological electric drill pipe costs. How much does geological electric drill pipe cost? This is related to its material. For example, if it is a diamond composite drill bit, the required price may be higher, but this is not completely fixed. It has a certain relationship with its brand, its material and its model. When selecting, you need to combine the actual selection to know how much it will cost. Geological drill pipe has a strong anti-fatigue effect, and can extend the service life, so it is still attracting everyone’s attention in the current market. If you choose the geological electric drill pipe of Hengye Machinery, you need The cost may be as follows, for example, a set of 50mm drill bits is about 120 yuan, and if it is a set, the market price is 500 yuan to 800 yuan.
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