How to assemble the roller cone bit

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-30
How to assemble roller cone bits As the saying goes, 'Unity is strengtheffect. The assembly of roller cone bits is best to be manufactured on site by skilled personnel under strict management. Before placing the roller cone bit for drilling, check whether the hole is blocked, check whether the hole is cleaned, and check the quality of the anchor cable body to ensure that the assembly of the roller bit meets the design requirements. When placing the cone bit, the cone bit should be prevented from twisting and bending. The grouting operation should be continuous and compact, without interruption in the middle, so that the grouting work is completed within the time when the initially injected grout is still plastic. During the grouting process, lift the grouting pipe while grouting to ensure that the head of the grouting pipe is inserted 50-80cm below the surface of the slurry. It is strictly forbidden to pull the pipe out of the surface of the slurry to avoid rod breakage. The rigor of the assembly of roller cone bits is comparable to that of the Spring Festival Gala program review. 'Details determine success or failure' so the assembly requirements of roller cone bits must be strictly implemented to greatly improve the work efficiency of roller cone bits.
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