How to characterize the shrinkage of a tri-cone bit

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-04
How to characterize the shrinkage of a tri-cone electric drill bit. Every tri-cone drill bit has a fixed standard size. Under long-term wear and improper operation, it will cause the drill to shrink. It can be expressed as a drill. The diameter of the tunneling surface becomes smaller, and the diameter of the drill bit also has defects or shedding of the steel teeth of the roller cone. Generally, the time for the steel teeth of the tri-cone drill bit to lose the steel teeth will be reduced after more than 40 hours. . Either lost circulation occurred during the drilling process, or the landslide caused the torque to increase, or the downhole suffocated foot symptoms. Due to the shrinkage of the tri-cone bit, a series of drilling problems may also be caused. Therefore, even after the torque of the turntable is increased, it is impossible to electric drill normally. If the screw centralizer is lifted out, if there is a large amount of wear, and a large amount of rocks are turned out in the case of a large change in the torque value of the drilled turntable, you can completely hang up the electric drill and observe the tri-cone. Whether the drill bit is worn out, or the warp is shrinking.
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