How to choose a CNC milling cutter that suits you?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-14
Different product descriptions of CNC milling cutters: 1. HM series of high-hardness steel machining end mills: a. Under the condition of ensuring sufficient chip holding space, a large core thickness is adopted, which takes into account the rigidity of the tool and the chip removal performance. b. Strict and scientific geometry control makes the cutting and chip removal of the tool more stable. c. Appropriate rake angle design takes into account the strength and sharpness of the cutting edge of the tool, and the application range of the tool is wider. d. The performance is derived from the superfine particle cemented carbide matrix, the tool wear resistance and cutting edge strength are combined. e. The AITIN coating optimized for high-hardness materials and high-speed machining fields makes the tool more high-temperature hardness (red hardness) and high-temperature stability. 2. High-rigidity short-edged GM series: a. High-rigidity structure design reduces vibration and improves the surface quality of finishing. b. In the cavity milling process, the necking structure and the short edge design not only ensure the rigidity of the tool, but also avoid the danger of interference. 3. The design parameters of CNC milling cutter head include: diameter, number of teeth, helix angle and shape of tooth groove. a. The diameter of the CNC milling cutter head: direct large, high strength of the tool holder, large tool holder, good heat transfer of the cutter teeth, and improved tool life. Under the same cutting conditions, the cutting force will increase. b. Number of teeth: Coarse teeth and fine teeth: Coarse milling cutters have good tool strength, large chip holding space, many regrind times, but poor stability, and are mostly used for rough machining. Fine tooth finishing. c. Helix angle of CNC milling cutter: Increasing the helix angle can improve the surface quality of the processed workpiece, reduce vibration, increase the working rake angle and the curling radius, so as to facilitate chip removal. But it causes excessive axial force. d. The CNC milling cutter adopts the back wedge to compress, the structure is simple, the axial positioning is adjustable; the cutting is easy, the vibration resistance is good, and the chip removal is smooth. It is suitable for plane or step milling of low- and medium-carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, cast iron and other materials. e. The CNC milling cutter resolves the main cutting force to the axial direction, greatly reduces the radial component force, and improves the impact resistance of the tool; this structure can also effectively reduce vibration in large overhang milling. 4. BAP right-angle shoulder face milling cutter head BAP right-angle shoulder face milling cutter head is suitable for a variety of material blades, suitable for aluminum and steel milling, screw locking, large chip space, good chip removal, light cutting and low resistance. The milling cutter is a tool used for milling the plane of the workpiece in the machining process. Because it is larger than a general milling cutter and shaped like a disc, it is called a milling cutter. The milling cutter is generally installed with an insert that is not reground. Tooth cemented carbide inserts, install the milling cutter head on the main shaft of the milling machine, (milling cutter heads can be used for both vertical and horizontal milling), press the wedge block on the cutter head of the cemented carbide blades on the cutter head, (usually it can be With eight blades installed, the large milling cutter head can be equipped with more than a dozen carbide blades, and the plane can be milled with less blades). Then clamp the workpiece to be milled on the machine flat-nose pliers, or press it on the working surface of the milling machine, and then start the spindle, the milling cutter rotates, and the plane can be milled.
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