How to classify electric drill bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-15
How to classify electric drill bits There are many classification methods for engineering electric drill bits, and the common ones are mainly the following methods:   1, classification according to their manufacturing method   The hot pressing method is similar to the hot pressing manufacturing process of geologically impregnated electric drill bits. A ferrule can be made first and then welded to the steel body, or it can be directly hot pressed onto the steel body.  The electroplating method is similar to the manufacturing process of electroplated electric drill bits. The electroplating method can be divided into epitaxial growth method and conventional method. 2. Classification by purpose Engineering drills are mainly used for construction and construction. There are many specifications of this type of engineering drills, and the amount is relatively large. A special main product series of industrial drills has been formed with drilling and coring as the main purpose, which is mainly used for The processing of products, such as the extraction of wide-screen and wide-lens, the nesting of silicon wafers, etc.  The sample drill is mainly used for the sampling and analysis of materials, such as the analysis of large graphite electrodes and refractory bricks.  3. According to the classification used   Natural engineering drills use high-quality natural materials as cutting materials and are mostly used in building materials and construction industries.  Man-made engineering drills use high-quality man-made single crystals as cutting materials, which are mostly used in optics and chemical industries. my country's thin-wall engineering electric drills started late, and so far there has not been a national unified standard. Each electric drill manufacturer provides products of one specification according to the needs of the market.
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