How to deal with a buried drill accident

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-16
How to deal with a buried drill accident    Buried drill refers to the phenomenon that the drill tool or borehole is buried. This is an accident that often occurs during geological drilling. The main reason for the buried drill accident is that the employee did not adjust the mud according to the geological and groundwater conditions, which led to the collapse of the hole, or other factors caused the electric drill bit to stay in the hole for too long, and too much sediment was buried, which caused the electric drill bit to be unable to be lifted and rotated. . The methods used by electric drill manufacturers to deal with such accidents include side drilling, blasting, freezing, and grinding.   1. The sidetracking method is to drill a new hole on the side of the buried hole to meet the design requirements of geological drilling.   2. Electric drill bits or boreholes are mainly buried with some broken sand and gravel. By inserting a certain amount of detonator explosives, the upper impurities can be crushed, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting the drilling tool. This method is generally only used for very shallow boreholes.  3. Freezing method If you bury the drill or drill relatively large gravel, you can bury it in the hole of the cement mortar, and the upper left hook can be lifted until the cement crushed and frozen can be lifted to achieve the purpose of wellbore purification.   4. This is a more effective and faster method. Replace the drill tool of the original buried hole section for drilling, but the replaced drill tool must be 1 to 2 levels smaller than the original buried hole. The impurities buried in the drilling rig are ground and then brought back to the ground by coring.   In short, when using electric drills in complex formations or drilling complex situations, buried drilling accidents are prone to occur. Correctly choosing a treatment plan or method according to the actual situation is the key to solving complex problems. There are many similar related technologies that can be consulted by experienced manufacturers or nearby masters, do not operate blindly, so as to avoid further deterioration of results due to drilling accidents.
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