How to improve the bending resistance of drill pipes?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-26
11-12 15:51:11 Although on the market, the main response point of many brand-new drill pipe products is to have stronger bending resistance, but in fact, no matter what kind of material is the product, it can withstand a long time In the case of high pressure and impact, it is difficult to avoid damage, so in order to artificially reduce the impact force on the electric drill pipe, what measures can be taken to improve the bending resistance of diamond drill pipes or drill pipes of other materials Ability? If you want to improve the bending resistance of the drill pipe, you must choose to compare the material and structure of the drill pipe with the place of use, and choose a drill pipe product that is more suitable for a certain environment, then you can protect the geological drill pipe. Or other electric drill rods will not be subjected to excessive pressure or impact. If you classify drill pipe products in detail, you can realize the characteristics of different styles of short rod products? Is it suitable for use in a certain environment? In this way, it can be classified according to the specific situation. The drill pipe products with weaker bearing capacity are placed in a softer bottom layer for use, and the drill pipe products similar to diamond bits are placed on the bottom layer. In the effective environment, the drill pipe has a strong bearing capacity, so even if it is continuously subjected to some impacts, it will not be damaged in a short period of time.
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