How to improve the use efficiency of tri-cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-03
How to improve the use efficiency of tri-cone bits Tri-cone bits are equipment specially used in petroleum drilling engineering. They can cut underground rocks through cutting wheels and break them through cones to achieve downward drilling. It is easy to damage it if you are not careful during the drilling process, which will directly affect the progress and efficiency of the entire drilling project. In order to improve the efficiency of the use of tri-cone bits, operators are required to strictly follow the relevant procedures during the drilling process. If there is a jump or stuck drill in the middle, the corresponding response measures should be taken immediately and the cause should be found in time. And exclude. If the depth is not deep, lift the electric drill bit in time and inspect the drill bit to see if there is any damage. When it is necessary to replace the drill bit, the newly replaced drill bit must be run-in first, and then steadily pressurized after the run-in. In addition, timely attention should be paid to the water injection pressure during the drilling process. Increasing the water injection pressure can promote the drilling efficiency of the tricone bit and can bring out some gravel particles in time.
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