How to maintain the geological drill pipe correctly when in use?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-04
03-14 15:23:06 In the process of geological exploration, people will pay attention to how to choose the right equipment. In fact, geological electric drill pipe has long become a choice that can not be ignored, but in the process of selection, you should also understand exactly what it should be. How to make the correct maintenance, if you do not pay attention to the correct maintenance, it will inevitably have a corresponding impact. First of all, when using geological drill pipes, you need to match diamond electric drill bits or PDC drill bits. However, it is more important to pay attention to regular maintenance during use. The surface should be treated with anti-rust and dust removal, otherwise it will be affected by serious rust. To normal use. In addition, when using geological drill pipes, it is also necessary to ensure that the model of technical parameters and the selected drill pipe are completely consistent. If there is any non-conformity, it will affect normal use, increase wear and tear, shorten the life of use, and often malfunction or even function. In some special environments, it may also have unnecessary effects. In the process of using geological drill pipes, diamond electric drill bits need to be used together. Under normal circumstances, if the diamond drill bit is significantly larger than the diameter, it will be prone to frequent failures during later use. At this time, you should consider temporarily stopping it. To ensure that the sensor does not appear to be bent or deformed, these should be taken seriously. In addition, in the course of use, if there is obvious damage, it needs to be replaced in time. The seal should be strengthened and maintained.
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