How to prevent the drill bit from jamming?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-29
Article 1, When drilling, the downhole bit shall not exceed 50KN, the directional well shall not exceed 100KN, and the vertical well and directional well shall not exceed 50KN. (Specific wellbore sequence can be specific analysis data) Second, surface drilling should ensure sufficient cyclic displacement to completely transport and remove cuttings. After drilling the material, make short-term take-off and landing operations to ensure that the wellbore is unblocked; before starting drilling, inject pre-hydrated and thickened mud with a viscosity of 50-60s (the specific number depends on the size and depth of the hole). To suspend the remaining drill cuttings in the well and prevent bit resistance and sticking. Third, before connecting a single electric drill bit, attention should be paid to the additional pulling force of the drill tool. In case of blockage, do not blindly connect a single drill bit, but fully circulate and adjust the mud. The fourth, mud purification requirements: to ensure the operation and effectiveness of the solids control system. A high-mesh vibrating screen and a good centrifuge should be used to control the sand content below 0.5% to remove the undesirable solid phase in the drill bit. Article 5, in order to maintain sufficient pump displacement for the drill bit, for conductive 444.5mm holes, the pump displacement must be greater than 60l/s, for conductive 311.1mm holes, the pump displacement must be greater than 55-60l/s, for conductive 241.3mm holes , The pump displacement must be greater than 35-40 l/s, for a conductive hole of 215.9mm, it is 28-32l/s. Article 6: In oil wells where oil mixing is allowed, the oil content in the drill bit fluid should be maintained at 5-8% to meet the requirements of lubrication and anti-clogging. Seventh, after drilling a drill bit, drill the hole once or twice, and circulate appropriately to make the drill cuttings at the bottom of the hole return higher to avoid sinking into the mud and the drill bit to cause the centralizer position. Article 8: Requirements for multi-point testing: Only after confirming the normal downhole conditions of the drill bit (such as the weight of the suspension and the pressure of the circulating pump) can the test be carried out. Article 9: When drilling, if there is a large torque, the drag force and drag force during the up and down drilling process are large, or adhesion occurs when connecting a single root, add plastic beads, extreme pressure lubricant, etc. to achieve The purpose of drill bit anti-sticking. Article 10: During the orientation process, if the lens is relatively slow, attention should be paid to frequently moving the drill bit to prevent the drill from being stuck for a long time without moving. In the unlikely event of supporting the bit pressure, lubricant should be added in time, and make it short strokes, unclog the holes, and increase the lubricity of the wall surface. Article 11: Before drilling in the open-hole part, the drill bit should be fully circulated and started in one gear. In case of suction or blockage, the drill bit should be connected to the kelly (top drive) for grouting or backstroke, and do not use force. Article 12: In the oblique section of the drill bit or the torsion bearing hole, use the low speed to rise to this position, often pick the air valve, pay attention, find that the card carries no more than 50 kn of the normal weight, and finally try to use the drilling force to drill out. Use the method of watering at intervals to destroy the keyway. Article 13: The static time of the drill bit in the naked eye shall not exceed 5 minutes. When circulating drilling fluid, machine maintenance or other situations that need to stop drilling, please keep the drilling tool in motion.
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