How to prolong the service life of tri-cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-09
Tri-cone drill bits undergo a lot of oil drilling work every day, so they are very susceptible to wear. Many construction units pay little attention to its maintenance, resulting in a very high scrap rate and frequent replacement. But in fact, as long as the tri-cone bit is used properly, its service life can be effectively extended, thereby saving costs for the construction unit. Zhongbei Petroleum Distribution Office is here to teach you a few tips for using tri-cone bits to reduce wear and extend service life. If we can see that the pump pressure is rising under the display of the equipment, but the tri-cone bit does not have a rear footage, increase the drilling pressure appropriately, and increase the speed and torque. If the display equipment is no problem, generally It is because the drill bit has problems, is worn or aged, and the rock formation may be too hard. If there is no problem with the equipment, you can check whether the electric drill bit is passivated by tripping. When applying the drilling pressure to the tri-cone bit, it needs to be adjusted properly. Do not press too much. This will only cause the wear rate of the bit to increase, and it needs to be gradually and smoothly drilled. If the rotation speed is stable, apply it at a uniform speed. Drilling pressure, on the footage table, can see the drilling speed little by little. When stopping drilling, you need to lift the drill bit to the interface of the electric drill and keep a certain distance to ensure that the next time you start drilling , Can operate more stably. If during the drilling process, there is continuous stubbornness or meter skipping, if there is no problem with the equipment, the electric drill should be pulled out to ensure that it will not continue to knock off the cone, which may cause it to be scrapped.
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