How to replace the filter element of the drilling rig diesel engine

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-16
How to replace the filter element of the diesel engine of the drill    There are many kinds of filter elements on the electric drill bit geological drilling rig, including engine diesel filter element, engine oil filter element, engine air filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, etc. According to the rig maintenance regulations, various filter elements need to be replaced regularly. Filtering the impurities in the air or various liquid media mainly plays a role in the various filter papers in the filter element. Special attention should be paid to moisture and pollution prevention during the transportation and storage of the filter element. All kinds of filter elements must be properly stored every time Kaidi goes out for construction. In a special toolbox, this can effectively prevent bumps, pollution, etc. After the various filter elements for filtering liquid media are installed on the machine, the operating temperature of diesel oil, hydraulic oil, etc. will rise over a period of time. In order to prevent the rubber gasket of the sealing filter element from sticking to the metal machine casing, replace the new filter element. It is necessary to apply a little hydraulic oil or engine oil to the rubber pad of the filter element before, so that it is easy to replace the filter element later.  The frequency of replacement of the air filter element can be adjusted according to the construction environment and air quality. The electric drill manufacturer recommends that it need to be replaced once every three months under normal circumstances. During construction, adjust the exhaust direction of the engine exhaust pipe according to the current wind direction. The air filter element should be located in the direction of the upper air outlet of the engine exhaust as much as possible, so that the use time of the air filter element can be extended.
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