How to replace the roller cone bit?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-23
The basic principles that should be followed when installing roller cone bits The layout principle of roller cone bits is to facilitate the transmission of the roller cone bit reaction force, and to make the roller cone bit fully adapt to the free deformation of the beam body. When the superstructure is a spatial structure, the cone electric drill bit should be able to adapt to the deformation of the bridge along the bridge direction (X direction) and transverse direction (Y direction) at the same time; the cone bit must be able to reliably transmit vertical and horizontal reaction forces; cone bit The longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement, and longitudinal and lateral rotation angles caused by the deformation of the beam body should be unconstrained as much as possible; a fixed cone bit is generally set at one end of the beam, and a movable cone bit is set at the other end; a continuous beam bridge generally has each joint One of the piers is equipped with a fixed cone bit, and it should be placed on the pier in the middle of each joint to make the free expansion and contraction length on both sides more balanced; cone bit replacement is a relatively common project in bridge maintenance, let’s give you the following Briefly introduce how to replace the roller cone bit? Recommended scaffolding or suspension scaffolding (only need to bear the presence of workers and some equipment)-clear the top surface of the cover beam and its pultrusion-determine the support position of the jack-accurately measure the top of the cover beam to the bottom of the beam The actual height of the beam-the installation of a dial indicator to monitor the synchronization of the beam body during the lifting and falling of the beam-the positioning of the synchronous lifting system-the installation of the jack-the beam body starts to be lifted (the synchronization accuracy of the lifting is required to be controlled within 0.2mm) --Cone bit cushion construction and roller bit replacement-Beam body falls back into place synchronously (precision is also controlled within 0.2mm)-Just remove the jack. When the bridge is on a ramp, the fixed cone bit should generally be set on the abutment in the downhill direction; when the bridge is on a flat slope, the fixed cone bit should be set at the front end of the main driving direction; the fixed cone bit should be set on Where there is a large roller cone bit reaction force, several roller cone bits on the same pier should have similar rotational stiffness; the roller cone bit arrangement of the curved continuous beam bridge will directly affect the internal force distribution of the beam, and the roller cone bit arrangement It should be able to fully adapt to the possibility of longitudinal and lateral free rotation and movement of the curved beam, and ball roller cone bits are usually suitable. When we design and install roller cone bits, only by following the principles of roller cone bit layout can we guarantee the quality of our bridge engineering! In order to build a high-quality bridge that allows people to rest assured and rest assured!
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