How to use drill pipe

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-19
1. Select the appropriate drill rod type according to the torque, pulling force and the minimum radius of curvature allowed by the electric drill bit. 2. During the construction process, avoid connecting large-diameter drill pipes with small-diameter drill pipes (ie, mix large and small drill pipes) to prevent the small drill pipe from breaking or deforming due to insufficient strength. 3. When clamping the drill pipe with a vise, do not clamp the female buckle of the female connector to prevent the female buckle from deforming. 4. Pay attention to the installation of the drill pipe. The pre-tightening force of the buckle should be controlled within 15 MPa, so as to avoid the hook and loop difficulties due to excessive pressure. Avoid using fire to bake the joints, reducing the mechanical properties of the joints, (especially the female joints) will affect the service life. If the threaded connection is not pre-tightened to make it swing, the top of the molar tooth is aligned with the tip by grinding the thread together, and the side will produce alveolar ridges, which will cause thread damage. Failure to pre-tighten and failure to press in the box will result in fatigue fracture of the thread root of the male connector. Under the action of high-pressure liquid flow, the female connector is pierced, causing corrosion, and it is easy to cause longitudinal cracks in the female connector. 5. Before assembling the drill pipe, clean the male buckle and female buckle and apply screw oil (screw oil cannot be replaced with other waste oil or inferior press oil) to prevent premature wear or damage of the male buckle and female buckle. 6. Before installing and connecting the drill pipe, please clean the channel holes to prevent debris from blocking the channel and causing pressure on the mud system. 7. Be careful not to press the button forcibly. When fastening, the male buckle should not hit the shoulder and thread of the female buckle, and the male connector and the female connector should be aligned. Make sure that the shackle of the drill bit is coaxial with the spindle of the power head. 8. Pay attention to check the wear of each part of the drill pipe, and find the cause of abnormal wear in time: 1) Determine whether the sharp hard material in the hole scratches the drill pipe. 2) Determine whether the drill rod is scratched by the drill guide. 3) Please use caution when the mark on the main body of the drill rod is about 1mm deep and rotates in a spiral shape for more than one revolution. Prevent the drill rod from breaking during the construction process, causing greater losses. 9. Please note that the drill collar buckle type is damaged (buckle, improper buckle, severe wear, etc.), and replace it in time to avoid damage to the drill pipe thread. 10. Pay attention to the hoisting and handling of drill pipes to avoid damage to ordinary buckles. 11. Please pay attention to avoid mixing drill rods with different button types, even if the drill rods are not produced by the same manufacturer, do not mix them (because drill rods produced by different manufacturers have different technical parameters and processing methods , Props, machinery and equipment, processing tolerances, close distances, etc. must be different); the old and new drill pipes are too different, and the drill pipes with too much wear are not mixed to avoid construction hazards. 12. If the drill rod buckle is found to be damaged in a small local area (about 1-2 buckles, 10mm in length), it should be repaired in time before use. 13. Please be careful not to clamp any part of the drill pipe body with a vise, so as to prevent the drill pipe body from being slipped and injured and shorten the service life of the drill pipe. 14. Use qualified zinc-based rib fat. Butter is not suitable for thread oil. When the thread grease is insufficient, the joint at the shoulder of the platform will cause high damage, which will easily 'loose' the threaded connection and lead to the damage of the thread. Do not use thread grease or use unqualified thread grease, which will cause the surface of the wire to stick or stick.
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