How to use PDC drills reasonably?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-29
11-20 15:56:54 1. According to the drillability of the stratum and the adjacent wellbore stratum, choose more footage and speed, and choose the normal wear of the drill bit; in the upper soft rock layer (the drillability grade is less than 5), You can choose the deep well section of the drill bit with high ROP (stratum drillability is greater than 5), and you can choose the PDC bit footage. 2. In the formation of curved holes, more options are for the offset of the cone, and the shorter the gauge and the teeth. 3. The bottom hole of the PDC drill bit should be clean and free of falling objects. 4. It runs slower to prevent drilling. When the drill bit is separated from a bottom hole, a pump and a rotating drill bit should be used to completely flush the wellbore, and the drill cuttings at the bottom of the well should be removed to avoid blocking the drill cuttings or pumping too fast. 5. When the PDC bit touches the bottom hole, the drilling pressure is 10~30KN and the drilling speed is 60r/min under low drilling pressure and low drilling speed. Operating above 0.5h, after forming the bottom hole shape, the design values u200bu200bof WOB and penetration rate can be gradually increased. 6. Do the PDC bit drilling speed test, that is, fix the drilling pressure, change the drilling speed, or fix the drilling speed and change the drilling pressure, so that the drilling pressure and the drilling speed can reach the maximum drilling speed together. 7. The station should increase pump pressure, increase PDC bit hydraulic power, and give full play to the interaction between hydraulic parameters and mechanical rock breaking parameters to improve rock breaking efficiency. 8. The use of combined nozzles improves the efficiency of rock cleaning. 9. It is necessary to use the product of the PDC drill bit drilling pressure and the drilling speed recommended by the manufacturer as a constraint; the maximum drilling pressure and the maximum drilling speed cannot be used at the same time. 10. The drilling operation with PDC bit should be stable, the drill should be sent evenly, and the lifting and drilling should be strictly carried out. 11. When using the PDC drill bit continuously, if it is not a problem with the ground equipment, an electric drill should be carried out immediately to prevent the cone from falling. 12. When the drill bit is drilled into the hole, the drilling cost must be calculated, and the cost should be increased as long as the cost of consecutive points is found. 13. No picture was found, the pump pressure increased or decreased, and the ROP disaster occurred. When the torque of the PDC drill bit increases, etc., if there is no problem with the ground equipment, a drilling inspection should be started.
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