Impact and crushing effect of roller cone bit on the formation

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-01
The impact and crushing action of the cone bit on the formation. When drilling, the weight on the cone bit bears on the rock through the teeth. In addition to the static load, there is also an impact load, which is caused by the teeth of the cone and the bottom of the hole. It is caused by alternating contact between teeth and double teeth. When a single tooth touches the bottom of the hole, the center of the cone is at the highest position; when two teeth touch, the center of the cone drops. In the rolling process of the cone bit, the position of the cone center is constantly alternating up and down, so that the bit moves up and down in the axial direction, which is the longitudinal vibration of the bit. In the actual drilling process, on this basis, the uneven bottom of the hole is superimposed on low-frequency vibration with large amplitude. Longitudinal vibration of the cone caused by alternate contact between single and double teeth at the bottom of the hole. The longitudinal vibration of the electric drill bit at the bottom of the hole continuously compresses and stretches the electric drill string. This periodically changing elastic energy is transformed into an impact on the formation through the teeth to break the rock. Together with the static load intrusion, the drill bit’s impact on the formation is formed. Huge impact and crushing action, this rock breaking method is the main form of roller cone bits.
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