Important steps in the operation of end mills

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-24
1. The use of cemented carbide end mills. The use range and requirements of high-speed steel end mills are relatively wide. Even if the cutting conditions are selected slightly improperly, there will be no major problems. Although cemented carbide end mills have good wear resistance during high-speed cutting, their use range is not as wide as that of high-speed steel end mills, and the cutting conditions must strictly meet the requirements of the tool. 2. Clamping of end mills End mills are usually coated with anti-rust oil when they leave the factory. If non-water-soluble cutting oil is used during cutting, a layer of misty oil film will be attached to the inner hole of the tool holder. When there is an oil film on the surface, it is difficult for the tool holder to firmly clamp the tool holder, and the end mill is easy to loosen and fall during processing. Therefore, before the end mill is clamped, the shank of the end mill and the inner hole of the tool holder should be cleaned with cleaning fluid, and then clamped after drying. 3. Vibration of the end mill due to the small gap between the end mill and the tool holder, the tool may vibrate during the machining process. Vibration will cause uneven cutting of the peripheral edge of the end mill, and the cutting and spreading amount will be larger than the original value, which will affect the machining accuracy and tool life. 4. End-edge cutting of end mills In the CNC milling of molds and other workpiece cavities, when the cut point is a concave part or a deep cavity, the extension of the end mill needs to be lengthened. If a long-edged end mill is used, due to the large deflection of the tool, it is easy to generate vibration and cause the tool to break. Therefore, in the machining process, if only the cutting edge near the end of the tool is required to participate in the cutting, a short-edged long-shank end mill with a longer total tool length is selected. 5. Selection of cutting parameters The choice of cutting speed mainly depends on the material of the workpiece to be processed; the choice of feed speed mainly depends on the material of the workpiece to be processed and the diameter of the end mill. The tool samples of some foreign tool manufacturers are attached with a tool cutting parameter selection table for reference. 6. The choice of cutting method adopts down milling to prevent damage to the cutting edge and increase the tool life. But there are two points to pay attention to: ① If using ordinary machine tools, try to eliminate the gap of the feed mechanism; ② When the surface of the workpiece is left with the oxide film or other hardened layers formed by the casting and forging process, it is advisable to use up-cut milling. Maintenance of end milling cutter: When the axis line of the milling cutter coincides with the edge line of the workpiece or is close to the edge line of the workpiece, the situation will be very serious. 1. Check the power and stiffness of the machine tool to ensure that the required milling cutter diameter can be used on the milling cutter machine tool. 2. The overhang of the tool on the spindle should be as short as possible to reduce the impact of the milling cutter axis and the position of the workpiece on the impact load. 3. Use the correct tooth pitch of the milling cutter suitable for the process to ensure that there are not too many blades meshing with the workpiece at the same time to cause vibration during cutting. On the other hand, ensure that there is enough when milling narrow workpieces or milling cavities. The blade engages with the workpiece. 4. Make sure to use the feed rate of each blade so that the correct cutting effect can be obtained when the chip is thick enough to reduce tool wear. The indexable inserts with positive rake angle grooves are used to obtain a smooth cutting effect and lower power. 5. Select the diameter of the milling cutter suitable for the width of the workpiece. 6. Choose the correct entering angle. 7. Place the milling cutter correctly. 8. Use cutting fluid only when necessary. 9. Follow the rules of tool maintenance and repair, and monitor tool wear.
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