In which engineering environments are triangular drill pipes mainly used?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-14
11-02 17:35:22 Although many different styles of drill pipes are constantly being developed and improved, the working environment of drill pipes is very harsh, so no matter how the drill pipe products are improved, it is possible Will be affected and damaged by the external environment. Therefore, the design of the triangular drill rod is to better adapt to the external environment. The structure of the triangular drill rod is a triangular pyramid, so no matter what operation is performed, it can overcome greater resistance, because this shape can reduce The area under force increases the downward pressure. Through our analysis of the characteristics of the triangular drill pipe, what kind of environment is this drill pipe product mainly used in? Different drill pipe products may be applied to the surface layer. Some electric drill pipes are mainly used in some medium-hard formations, but some drill pipes can be used in harder formations. Triangular drill pipes are such a kind Tools, in some large-scale drilling projects, or in coal mine projects, triangular drill pipes can play a certain role. When the triangular drill pipe is compared with the geological drill pipe, the difference between the two can be fully displayed. The drill pipe products of different materials or different structures have different focuses. The triangular drill pipe is for It can adapt to more complex working environment, and geological drill pipe has stronger fatigue resistance and bending resistance. Purchasing geological electric drill pipes and triangular electric drill pipes, it is recommended to choose machinery!
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