Indispensable accessories for tri-cone bits

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-13
Tri-cone bit is an indispensable tool for modern drilling. It can be applied to a variety of soft and hard bottom layers, and for the drilling industry, it greatly solves the original problems and improves the drilling speed. The tri-cone bit is composed of more than 20 kinds of accessories such as the tooth palm, the cone, the bearing, and the locking element. Among them, tooth palm. Cone and bearing structure are indispensable accessories. The tooth palm is assembled from three tooth palms. The upper part has a connecting thread to connect with the drilling tool, and the lower part is made of a journal with a certain inclination angle, which forms a bearing pair with the inner hole of the cone. There are water holes in the palm of the tooth, and an oil storage pressure compensation device can be installed. Bearing the load, the journal needs high wear resistance and hardness, and at the same time, the inside of the matrix needs sufficient strength and impact resistance toughness. Cone is a cone on which teeth are mounted, which can be divided into single cone and compound cone. The single cone is composed of the main cone and the compound cone, and the movement at the bottom of the well is pure rolling, which is suitable for the formation. The compound cone consists of three parts: the main cone, the auxiliary cone and the back cone. In addition to rolling, it can also produce sliding, which is suitable for soft formations. The teeth on the cone are divided into inlaid teeth and steel teeth. The insert is to electric drill a hole on the tooth ring on the outer cone of the tooth, and the steel tooth is milled directly from the cone vertebral body. The rows of teeth of the three cones on the electric drill bit coincide with each other, which can effectively and completely break the bottom hole rock and prevent the alveolar mud pack. The bearing structure is composed of cone inner cavity, bearing racetrack, tooth palm journal, locking element and so on. The bearing is usually composed of four parts: large, medium and small, and stop cone. The large and small bearings bear radial load, the middle bearing is mainly used for locking and positioning, and the end bearing bears the axial load. According to whether the bearing is sealed or not, it can be divided into sealed and non-sealed. With the continuous development of science and technology, new bearings have appeared in recent years, such as rolling bearings, floating bearings, and sleeve bearings.
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