Influence of wear-resistant belt performance of integral triangular spiral drill pipe

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-28
09-08 15:21:30 Gas extraction is a basic countermeasure to prevent coal and gas from highlighting and exploding. As one of the basic countermeasures for coal mines to prevent gas disasters, coal tunnel drilling and gas extraction processing techniques have been widely used. However, for soft coal roadways, especially in areas with high geostress, the difficulty of drilling is very high, and it is easy to produce abnormal conditions such as gushing, collapse of geological drill pipes, and bonding drilling, resulting in low drilling rates and shallow drilling depths, generally not exceeding 100m. More serious damage to the actual effect of drilling drainage. At this stage, the key drill pipes used to soften coal mines to highlight the basic construction of coal roadways are spiral drill pipes, wide blade drill pipes and triangular electric drill pipes. Screw drilling is a dry test rotary drilling method. Screw drilling and drilling are composed of screw conveyor belts. Spiral drilling reasonably solves the problem of slag removal, but the difficulty coefficient of drilling is large. 2Wide-blade drill rods are based on screw rods. Without changing the angle of view and pitch of the screw rod, the aspect ratio of the screw rod is reduced, and the thickness of the blade is increased, so that the drill rod can be rotated according to the internal thread of the hydraulic chuck and the support frame. , Complete the drill rod without using the active drill rod to unscrew the drill rod, reduce the screw laser cutting of the inner wall of the hole, improve the reliability and high drilling efficiency. As everyone knows, the void space of wide-blade drill pipes is lower than that of spiral drill pipes, and the high efficiency of diamond drill bits is lower. There are many factors that endanger the wear resistance of drill pipes. 1. The load interaction force is harmful to the whole process of drilling. All the factors that increase the contact force between the drill pipe connector and the inner wall of the waterproof casing (or wellbore) will aggravate the damage. For example, the contact pressure between the drill pipe connector and the inner wall of the waterproof casing increases relatively in larger dogleg wells. 2. The frictional resistance in the whole process of drilling increases the frictional resistance between the drill pipe connector and the inner wall of the waterproof casing, and aggravates the damage of the twist drill. If the type or amount of lubricating fluid is not suitable, the speed ratio increases, the temperature is too high or too low, and the damage condition will also increase. Linqing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of geological drill pipes and pdc twist drills. It is mainly engaged in product development and market sales of various welded drill pipes, three-edged drill pipes and diamond composite twist drills. . Source factory direct sales, high performance-price ratio, low price!
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