Internal parameters of geological drill pipe and drill bit maintenance

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-08
11-28 15:17:06 The essence of geological drill pipes and drill bits is to make the impactor dive into the hole during the drilling process to reduce the energy loss caused by the impact energy transmitted by the electric drill pipe, thereby reducing the impact of hole depth on drilling effectiveness. The drilling equipment used to drill potential holes is a potential hole drill. In China, yq-80, yq-100, qz-165 and other types of geological drill pipes are usually used in underground mines. 1. In the process of drilling geological drill pipes and electric drill bits, the propelling beam should be tightly attached to the rock and should not be moved. If the propelling beam moves in the borehole, bending stress will be generated, which in extreme cases will cause abnormal fracture of the drill pipe. 2. It is not allowed to start the impact function of the drill bit before the propelling beam and drill rod contact the rock. 3. The drill bit will damage the drill bit and cause the string connection of the drill bit to become loose, which leads to energy accumulation and ablation pits. In the rock drilling process, the drill bit should try to avoid empty drilling. Fourth, the opening should be carried out in a low-impact, low-push state. It is recommended to activate the high impact function after the drilling depth reaches 20cm. 5. Provide enough slag medium as much as possible. 6. If it is too late to turn on the slag medium switch, it may cause blockage and blockage of the drill slag hole. 7. As long as the drill bit is operated, the drill bit should be closed. The gap between the drill sleeve and the drill pipe and the drill sleeve and between the drill sleeve and the drill sleeve should not be too large. The worn drill sleeve must be replaced. 8. The impact pressure should always be determined according to the specific rock conditions. If the rock becomes soft or cracked, the impact pressure must be reduced. 9. Replace the shank gasket in time. If the gasket is damaged, the lubricating oil will quickly leak out, which will quickly damage the shank drive sleeve and the shank itself. 'To do a good job, we must first improve the geological drill pipe and electric drill bit.' In the drilling industry, in order to drill efficiently and quickly, and to ensure that the chisel has a reasonable and sufficient drilling life, it must be suitable for different rocks to match the threaded chisel . The best choice for soft rock conditions: full ballistic teeth and large vertical slag trough can effectively remove large debris and greatly improve drilling efficiency. Abrasive rock, medium-hard to hard rock: Large trapezoidal teeth and slag groove can perfectly balance the service life and perforation rate. Shorter geological drill pipes and easy-return bits are more suitable for fractured rock masses, and have a higher borehole verticality, which can transmit impact energy to the rock masses more effectively, thereby providing excellent bit steering. For hard, hard and abrasive rocks, the optimized surface and large spherical cylindrical teeth bit can prolong the service life. The large slag hole and groove can ensure that the chips are effectively blown from the hole to the ground. Higher hardness, stronger PDC drill bits can ensure proper strength, hardness and wear resistance, and a good heat treatment process can provide better fatigue strength. The geological drill rod with higher strength can better fix the alloy tooth bit and reduce the risk of the alloy tooth bit falling off. Its surface is harder and tougher, which can improve the performance of the bit and reduce the risk of fracture of the alloy tooth.
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