Introduce the performance of various types of end mills in use

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-19
The main cutting edge of an end mill is a cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end surface is a secondary cutting edge. An end mill without a center edge cannot feed along the axial direction of the milling cutter when it is working. According to national standards, the diameter of end mills is 2-50 mm, which can be divided into two types: coarse teeth and fine teeth. Diameter 2-20 is the range of straight shank, diameter 14-50 is the range of taper shank. Standard end mills have coarse and fine teeth. There are two common materials for milling cutters: high-speed steel and cemented carbide. Compared with the former, the latter has higher hardness and strong cutting force, which can increase the speed and feed rate, improve productivity, make the knife inconspicuous, and process difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel/titanium alloy, but the cost is higher and the cutting force changes rapidly It is easy to break the knife under the circumstances.  End milling cutter: suitable for small planes such as: milling grooves, spiral grooves and various holes, milling table planes, sides, milling disc cams and cylindrical cams, and internal and external surfaces. End mills are mainly used for processing grooves and step surfaces, etc. The cutter teeth are on the circumference and end surfaces, and cannot be fed along the axial direction when working.   Drum milling cutter: Mainly used for approximate processing of the variable bevel surface of variable bevel parts.  Disc milling cutter: Generally, it is composed of a machine-clamped blade or cutter head on a disc-shaped cutter body, and is often used for end milling larger planes.  Ball-end milling cutter: suitable for processing space curved parts, and sometimes also used for the reprocessing of larger transfer concave arcs of flat parts.   End milling cutter: End milling cutter is the most commonly used milling cutter in CNC milling. It is widely used for machining flat parts and is the two most common end milling cutters.  Forming milling cutter: Forming milling cutters are generally designed and manufactured specifically for specific workpieces or processing content, and are suitable for processing specific shapes of flat parts, as well as special-shaped holes or tables.   End mills are mostly spring clamps, and they are in a cantilever state during use. During the milling process, sometimes the end mill can gradually protrude from the tool holder or even fall completely, causing the workpiece to be scrapped. The reason is that the oil film exists between the tool hole and the outer diameter of the tool holder, resulting in insufficient clamping force. If a water-insoluble cutting oil is used during the cutting process, a thin mist oil film will adhere to the inner hole of the tool holder. When there is an oil film on both the handle and the tool holder, it is difficult for the tool holder to clamp the handle, and it is easy to loosen and fall off on the machining neutral milling cutter. Therefore, before clamping the end mill, the end of the end mill and the inner hole of the tool holder should be cleaned and dried before clamping.   End mill product vibration: Due to the small gap between the end mill and the tool holder, vibration may occur during the machining process. Vibration will make the circumferential edge of the end milling cutter uneven, and the cutting expansion will be greater than the original value, which will affect the machining accuracy and tool life. However, when the width of the machining groove is small, the tool vibration and the required groove width can be realized by increasing the cutting size.
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