Introduction End mills have powerful functions and terminology explanations on milling machines

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-18
End mills are used for grooving and machining precision exterior parts on a milling machine. Many things in our daily lives can be manufactured through milling processes. An end mill is a kind of machine tool with a wide range of uses. On the milling machine, it can process planes, grooves, gear parts, gears, spline shafts, sprockets, spiral surfaces and various curved surfaces. In addition, it can also be used to process the surface of the revolving body, the inner hole and the cutting work.   The correct selection and use of end mills are crucial to the entire machining process. The materials and design styles of end mills are varied and should be appropriately selected according to the specific operation. In addition, the tool can also have a variety of outer coating layers to extend the life of the tool, reduce the operating temperature, and play a cooling role.   Several commonly used design styles of end mills include: square-head double-edged end mills, which can be used for vertical plunge milling or side milling of the workpiece like a electric drill. Their end teeth extend to the center of the milling cutter, so plunge milling can be performed. Some three-blade end mills can also be used for plunge milling. Both double-edged and three-edged end mills are suitable for processing non-ferrous metals. Ball-end double-edged end mills can be used for milling round bottom grooves or arc-shaped edges.  End mill terminology:   oblique edge: a straight edge with a certain angle to the tool axis. Slant-edged tools are not as flat as spiral-edged tools.  Cleaning angle: The angle formed by the tangent position of the cleaned part and the blade.   main relief angle: cushion the vicinity of the blade.    secondary relief angle: cushion the vicinity of the blade    three-level relief angle: provide cushioning for the secondary angle.   Cutting edge: the main edge of the blade. It is formed by the intersection of two fine and sharp surfaces, and the slope angle formed is generally less than 90 degrees.  Cutting edge angle: the angle formed by the cutting edge and the tool axis.   Shaft curvature: The difference between the highest index and the lowest index of the surface near the outer diameter of the tool.    Inverted taper: A light taper shape formed by the diameter of the tool holder being smaller than the diameter of the cutting end.  Cut surface: A slightly cushioned plane set on the periphery and outer surface of the tool. Used to strengthen some weaker places.   Chip Breaker: A device with a special shape on the knife surface that can make the chips tightly curled and broken.   Chip breaker: There are some small grooves around the end milling tool bar body, which can cut narrower chips, suitable for rough machining.  Clearing part: an area formed after the surplus tool material is removed after the buffer angle.  Knife groove: The area between the blades for chip discharge and sharpening operations. The number of slots is generally related to the number of cutting edges, and the feed rate of the end mill depends on the number of slots.   Slot length: The total length of the slot, often confused with the blade length, is mistakenly used as the blade length.   Blade length: The effective shaft length of the outer peripheral blade.   End mill tool holder: an important part of the tool, supporting and driving the machining of the tool.
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