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Is Ronix Tool with good quality?

Is Ronix Tool with good quality?


Ronix Tool & Electric Hammer Manufacturer

Is Ronix Tool of good quality?

When shopping for electric hammers, Ronix is a common brand. It can be called German Seiko, so it works very well. 

Ronix Tool mainly produces contain light electric hammers, impact drills, heavy electric hammers, angle grinders, engraving machines, hairdryers and so on. Our products are famous for their high quality and durable quality.

Generally, the quality is still good, such as easy drilling into the red brick, price is not expensive, received goods look very high-grade, not worse, strength is big enough, fever is not obvious.

How to choose the electric hammer of RONIX

First of all, you can consider choosing a multi-functional electric hammer, that is, a hammer drill and drill two kinds of functions of the electric hammer, so that the adjustment in the flat drill file can also be used when the electric impact drill, can be used in the metal, the wood hole can also be used to unscrew the cabinet when the installation; In addition, the electric hammer with speed control switch should be selected. When the switch is touched lightly, the speed is low, which can help the machine to drill smoothly (such as drilling on a smooth surface such as ceramic tile, which can not only prevent the drill bit from slipping but also prevent the drilling rupture). High speed can be used to ensure working efficiency during normal work.

Then the positive and negative function can not be less, in the electric hammer drilling into the wall will inevitably have the bit stuck situation, at this time only need to switch to the reverse, gently pull out, the bit will come out, if not with the reverse function, it will be very difficult and easy to get hurt; It is also necessary to choose an electric hammer with a shock absorption system and a lightweight. A good shock absorption system can make the operator hold comfortably and relieve fatigue. The weight of the body is best controlled below 3KG, which will not be too difficult when working upward.

The difference between the electric hammer and the impact drill of RONIX Tool

Punch, impact drill and electric hammer is the most commonly used tools, but the impact is not the same, in general electric hammer impact is bigger, so it's suitable for the concrete operation, and impact drill is suitable for the cement wall holing in the not too hard, this is the biggest difference between the two, and their working principle and properties are also different.

1. Different properties

Electric hammer: electric hammer is a kind of electric rotary hammer drill with a safety clutch with a pneumatic hammer mechanism.

Impact drill: The impact drill works by rotation and impact. A single shock is very slight, but a continuous force can be generated at a frequency of more than 40,000 shocks per minute. Can be used with natural stone or concrete.

2. The principle is different

Electric hammer: the principle of the electric hammer is that the transmission mechanism drives the impact drill bit to do rotary movement, and there is a direction perpendicular to the rotary head of the reciprocating hammer movement. The electric hammer is driven by the transmission mechanism piston in a cylinder reciprocating compressed air, cylinder air pressure cycle change drives the cylinder in the hammer reciprocating to hit the top of the brick as if we hit the brick with a hammer, hence the name of the electric hammer.

Impact drill: there is an adjustment knob at the chuck of the drill bit when the impact drill is working, which can be adjusted in two ways: ordinary electric hand drill and impact drill. But impact drills use gears on the inner shaft to bounce around each other to achieve impact effects that are far less powerful than electric hammers. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.

3. Different application scenarios

The impact drill adopts a group of impact gears to bite each other to produce an impact effect, and the impact force is small. Impact effect is passive, it is said that you must use force to pressure when punching would impact, general impact drill can transform between the general archives and archives, it also can be used as an ordinary electric impact drill, suit in ordinary cement wall perforated brick wall or don't too hard, if cut holes in the concrete are slow also more arduous.

The electric hammer uses the motor to drive the cylinder reciprocating motion to produce the hammer force, not only the hammer force is large, but the hammer times per minute are also many, its strength is enough to divide the gold and stone, very suitable for the concrete to carry on the drilling operation and fast and labour-saving.

RONIX hammer and impact drill which is good

Depending on our actual needs, if you are just drilling in the ordinary brick wall, it is obviously not necessary to use an electric hammer, so it is a little oversized, but if you want to work quickly on the concrete, obviously the electric hammer is more suitable.

For more information about Ronix Tool, please contact Ronix Tool.

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