Is the replacement rate of grooved drill rods high?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-07-10
06-08 14:32:11 It is precisely because of the special shape design of the grooved electric drill pipe that the product can overcome some external resistance during use, so it can be more relaxed during operation, just Being able to avoid being affected by some external forces is better for product quality assurance. When operating in some formations with stronger pressure, some resistance can be resolved more, so the grooved drill pipe can be more protected, and the possibility of damage to the shape will be greatly reduced, and the grooved drill pipe will be greatly reduced. The outer wall of the drill pipe is relatively thick, so the external bearing capacity is further improved. When the actual operation is carried out, the appearance of the product can be well protected, and if we can regularly maintain the product And maintenance, then some damages can be repaired regularly, and the use time of the product will be further lengthened. Since there is no external damage to the product and the structure of the product has not changed, then the customer will not choose to buy a new one. For the drill pipe products, the actual situation shows that the replacement rate of grooved drill pipe is very low.
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