Is there any way to reduce the runout error of CNC milling cutters?

by:Ronix Tools     2021-05-22
CNC milling cutter is a kind of tool used for milling processing. When working, each cutter tooth intermittently cuts off the margin of the workpiece. Milling cutters are mainly used for processing steps such as steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting off workpieces. The excessive radial runout error of the CNC milling cutter will cause severe vibration of the spindle, which will have a huge impact on the milling cutter, and will also reduce the service life and production efficiency of the CNC milling cutter. Here are a few ways to reduce the radial runout error:   1. The rake face of the CNC milling cutter should be smooth: During processing, a smooth rake face can reduce the friction between the chips and the tool, and it can also reduce the impact on the tool. The cutting force, thereby reducing the radial runout of the tool.   2. NC milling cutter spindle taper hole and chuck cleaning: When selecting processing tools, try to use the tool with a shorter extension length to load the tool, and the force should be reasonable and even, not too large or too small. 3. The selection of the amount of CNC milling cutters should be reasonable: if the amount of cutting is too small, the phenomenon of processing slippage will occur, which will cause the continuous change of the radial runout of the tool during processing, and the processed surface will not be smooth. When it is large, the cutting force will increase accordingly, which will result in large tool deformation, increase the radial runout of the tool during machining, and make the machined surface not smooth.  4. Use sharp cutting tools: Choose a larger rake angle to make the cutting tool sharper to reduce cutting force and vibration.   5. Reasonable use of cutting fluid: due to its lubrication, it can reduce the friction between the tool rake face and the chip and between the flank face and the transition surface of the workpiece, thereby reducing the tool radial runout.   6. Use strong tools: There are mainly two ways to increase the strength of the tools. One is to increase the diameter of the tool holder. Under the same radial cutting force, the diameter of the tool holder increases by 20%, and the radial runout of the tool can be reduced by 50%. The second is to reduce the protruding length of the tool. The greater the protruding length of the tool, the greater the deformation of the tool during processing. When processing is in constant change, the radial runout of the tool will continue to change, resulting in a workpiece The machining surface is not smooth. The tool extension length is reduced by 20%, and the tool radial runout will also be reduced by 50%. 7. The CNC milling cutter uses up milling during finishing: As the gap position between the lead screw and the nut changes during down milling, it will cause uneven feed of the worktable, resulting in shock and vibration, affecting the machine tool, The life of the tool and the surface roughness of the workpiece. When up-milling is used, the cutting thickness changes from small to large, and the load of the tool changes from small to large, and the tool is more stable during processing. Note that this is only used for finishing, and down milling should be used when roughing. This is because down milling has high productivity and the tool life can be guaranteed.
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