Laws and regulations to be followed in the tri-cone bit industry

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-06
Laws and regulations to be followed by the tri-cone bit industry. China has entered a society under the rule of law. All walks of life must regulate their tri-cone bit industry in accordance with the law. Although the tri-cone bit industry is an emerging industry, its growth rate has also allowed China has issued relevant laws and regulations to restrict the good development of the tri-cone bit industry, so what national laws and regulations should be followed in the tri-cone bit industry? Let us take a look at it.    The tri-cone bit industry wants Laws and regulations to follow 1. The laws and regulations to be followed in the tri-cone bit industry-product standards China's standards are divided into national standards (GB), industry standards, local standards and corporate standards. At present, tri-cone bit national, industry and corporate standards As follows:   1.GB/T 13754-2008 'Method for Measuring the Heat Dissipation of Tri-cone Bits'  2, GB 19913-2005 Cast Iron Tri-cone Bits 3, JG 2 Steel Plate-type Tri-cone Bits 4, JG 143 Three-tooth Wheel bit, aluminum column airfoil tri-cone bit 5, JG 220-2007 copper-aluminum composite column airfoil tri-cone bit 6, JG 221-2007 copper tube convection tri-cone bit 7, JG 232-2007 bathroom type three Cone bit 8, JG/T1 steel cylindrical tri-cone bit 9, JG/T 148-2002 steel pipe tri-cone bit 10, JG/T 3012.2-1998 tri-cone bit, steel finned tube convection tri-cone bit 11, HJ508-2009 'Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Tri-cone Bits'    12. Q/HDPJQ013-2011 'Tri-cone Bits Steel-Aluminum Composite Tri-cone Bits'    13 Q/HDPJQ014-2012 'Steel-cone Bits' 2. The laws and regulations to be followed by the tri-cone electric drill bit industry-heat dissipation test standard GB/T 13754-2008 'Method for the determination of heat dissipation of tri-cone drill bits'    which stipulates: China tri-cone bit standard working condition is ⊿Tu003d64.5℃ , That is, the inlet water is 95°C, the return water is 70°C, and the indoor temperature is 18°C.    3. Laws and regulations to be followed by the tri-cone bit industry-heating water quality standard GB/T29044-2012 'Water quality of heating and air-conditioning systems' The PH value and oxygen content of the heating system are clearly specified, and the pH value is 9.5-12 to prevent the tri-cone bit and the heating pipe network from reducing the service life due to corrosion. The standard requires the dissolved oxygen in the water of the tri-cone bit heating system The limits are not higher than 0.1mg/L.
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