Maintenance method of tri-cone bit

by:Ronix Tools     2021-06-08
Tri-cone bits are mainly used in oil drilling. This product can improve the efficiency of oil drilling and save drilling costs to a large extent. Tri-cone drill bit is an important mining tool in the oil drilling industry. It is mainly used in a relatively broad environment. The product has a strong horsepower supply and a high rotation rate. It can extract rocks and improve the efficiency of oil wells. Tri-cone bit manufacturers recommend that everyone keep the cleanliness of the tri-cone bit at all times and conduct a prior survey of the mined mud; pay attention to the fixing of the gear when installing and unloading the bit. The bit should not be loose at all, otherwise it will affect The service life of the product; in the process of using the product for oil well production, the frequency of the drilling speed should be controlled, so that the resistance of the rock can be alleviated, and there will be no damage to the electric drill bit; the water pump should be kept sufficient during use. , Can play a good power supply to the electric drill bit.
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