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March new trade day, here we are!

March new trade day, here we are!


March 2020 new trade Festival is a unique festival of Alibaba international station, and also a carnival of global cross-border trade practitioners. Millions of global purchasers and hundreds of thousands of professional suppliers will work together to inject fresh and warm blood into Global trade and jointly open a new chapter of digital cross-border trade with millions of new products, tens of millions of fast trading products, brand-new services and more efficient online operation in March, the recovery season of everything.

Every time there is a promotion, the platform traffic will increase. The peak traffic is coming. Ronix is ready! Before that, we have done a lot of preparatory work, adjusted the store products, prepared sufficient sources of goods, and disinfected the goods to ensure the smooth and safe development of the new trade Festival. During the new trade Festival, there are rich discount activities in the shop of ronix Ali. We will bring you the most favorable price.

All employees of ronix will wait for you at the new trade festival in March!

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